Our Supervision Program

Key Autism Services’ (KAS) Supervision and Practicum program trains students on what it takes to be a successful BCBA. We provide hands on learning and real-life experiences while following the BACB Experience Standards. Upon completion of the program, students have the tools and skills necessary to confidently start their careers. We are proud to provide students with an opportunity to be employed as a Behavior Therapist while meeting supervision and practicum hour requirements.

Students are assigned at least 1 ABA client and a senior level experienced BCBA. Supervision from BCBA’s at KAS will take place remotely, as well as in person with video observations as needed. Our Supervision Program emphasizes foundational and applied knowledge within the KAS Supervision Curriculum. Our Curriculum consists of nine stages total, across 2 sections: Foundational Knowledge and Applications. Within the two sections, our Supervision Curriculum has a section dedicated to learning terms to fluency, relevant research/literature, application and unrestricted activities as well as supplemental materials (podcasts, informational videos) to assist supervisees in becoming more familiar with the specific terminology required.

Our Program serves as a worksite for students who are receiving supervision from their university program. Employees in our supervision program are paid for the restricted (direct) hours that are a part of their position as a Behavior Therapist. Students are provided with unrestricted activity opportunities that fulfill the unrestricted hours requirement for supervision. We also assist with preparation for the exam and group supervision opportunities.
We believe in collaboration with other professionals in terms of connecting and questions related to the programs. Connecting with other Supervisors is an important part of learning. To qualify for the program, you must be actively working through KAS with 1 client, enrolled in your first graduate ABA course, and have 1 to 2 years’ experience working within the field of ABA or with children with autism.
Our program will assist you with determining your own future success as a BCBA. With our mentoring, guidance, and hands-on training, you will be able to create your own successful career path. Come learn and grow with our program!

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