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Center-Based ABA Therapy Services in Stockbridge 285 COUNTRY CLUB DR., SUITE 300, STOCKBRIDGE, GA 30285 welcome to THE stockbridge autism center

Autism & ABA Therapy Services At Our Stockbridge Autism Therapy Center

Address: 285 Country Club Dr, Suite 300, Stockbridge, GA 30285

ABA Treatment In The Stockbridge Autism Therapy Center

  • Skill-building – Helping your child grow their abilities and talents
  • Person-centered – Promoting your child's personal learning styles and interests
  • Integrative – Providing diverse educational enrichment allowing your child to flourish
  • Multidisciplinary – We have a collaborative approach to meet your child’s needs, so they have the best treatment journey possible. Your child’s occupational, physical, speech therapists and psychologists are valued partners
  • Parent coaching and collaboration- Our children’s caregivers are our teammates and we prioritize weekly inclusive caregiver training sessions
  • Call to schedule a tour: 470.944.1025

We will conduct diagnostic interviews with parents and/or caregivers throughout The Stockbridge Autism Therapy Center to gain a full understanding of the individual engaging in therapy, and his/her overall experience. We are looking for:


Welcome Our New Partner: Achieve Pediatric Therapy

We are very excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Achieve Pediatric Therapy for your child’s speech and occupational therapy needs! Achieve Pediatric Therapy provides physical and occupational therapy at our Stockbridge ABA Clinic! With this new partnership, you child will be able to receive speech and/ or occupational therapy here at the convenience here at the center!


Being able to meet all your child's needs therapeutic needs in a whole child approach


Identifying a highly reputable company providing quality therapeutic services


The convenience of 1 location for all of your child's therapy needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Achieve Pediatric Therapy and their services, please visit the website https://achievetherapies.com. You can initiate the intake process by navigating to the ‘contact us’ section of their website and mention Key autism services in the message section of the inquiry form! Achieve Pediatric Therapy will gather your insurance information, verify your benefits, and discuss any financial obligation during the intake process. If after completing the intake you would like to move forward with services, one of their experienced therapists will schedule an evaluation for your child here at our  clinic to determine the course of treatment. Our scheduling team will work to schedule SLP/ OT/ ABA within your desired time frames and communicate any required schedule changes!