Center-Based ABA Therapy

Our Center-Based ABA Therapy option includes a state-of-the-art facility fully equipped with a motor room, mock classroom, designated play area, and individual treatment room. Our clinical facilities offer options for full day programs, part day programs, and even before and after school options depending on your child’s needs and clinical recommendation.

While a child may have some structure in a home environment, the staff at our centers can create and enforce a structured routine while fully utilizing the clinical environment. They can control the environment, control distractions, and create mock situations to teach skills—like paying attention, taking turns, and following instructions. They can enforce the skills while familiarizing the child with the environment and routine of specific tasks. Environments can also be manufactured in center-based intervention to expose children to specific situations and teach critical skills. For example, if a child is preparing to attend school, staff can create an environment that mimics the classroom and help the child learn the basic skills, like following directions and participating in a group environment.

This option is beneficial for those children who do not to respond safely around other children and would benefit from a more controlled environment with less unpredictable factors.

Key Differences: Our Parent-Focused Approach

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