Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Key Autism Services is a proud provider of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI). Key offers EIBI services in Tennessee, Nebraska, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, and Massachusetts.

  • Key provides clinic and home based ABA services.
  • Key is currently serving Early Intervention families across 250+ cities/towns.

Clinical Team

  • Our team is comprised of a diverse and highly qualified group of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Behavior Therapists
  • We have frequent and powerful professional development opportunities for all team members
  • There is a dynamic mentorship program for new clinical team members
  • Several university partnerships to attract dedicated, highly trained Behavior Therapists
  • Capacity for most languages through employees and translation technology
  • BCBA mentorship & development program for technicians who are interested in furthering their education

Clinical Model

  • Includes a bi-weekly peer review committee to ensure the most effective services are provided
  • Play-based, developmental approach with a focus on parent involvement and training
  • Parent-focused approach – frequent parent training  with a BCBA which includes monthly progress meetings
  • Intensive collaboration with all Early Intervention service team members as a standard of care
  • Quality Assurance checks- each regional and center director thoroughly reviews all client treatment plans three times per year to ensure continued progress & success with the ABA program
  • Leveled supervision and weekly training provided by the regional and center director teams who are all BCBA’s with 5+ years of experience on average
  • Weekly group supervision available for all clinicians offered 4 days per week, each on a different continued education training topic
  • Monthly integrity checks on all Behavior Therapists to ensure the best quality of service is provided to each client, and that they are trained on the individual client’s programming.

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