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ADDRESS: 207 Upper Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, GA 30274 Center-based ABA Therapy Services in Riverdale welcome to THE Riverdale autism center

Autism & ABA Therapy Services At Our Riverdale Autism Therapy Center

Address: 207 Upper Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, GA 30274

ABA Treatment In The Riverdale Autism Therapy Center

  • Skill-building – Helping your child grow their abilities and talents
  • Person-centered – Promoting your child's personal learning styles and interests
  • Integrative – Providing diverse educational enrichment allowing your child to flourish
  • Multidisciplinary – We have a collaborative approach to meet your child’s needs, so they have the best treatment journey possible. Your child’s occupational, physical, speech therapists and psychologists are valued partners
  • Parent coaching and collaboration- Our children’s caregivers are our teammates and we prioritize weekly inclusive caregiver training sessions
  • Call to schedule a tour: 470.944.1039

We will conduct diagnostic interviews with parents and/or caregivers throughout Riverdale to gain a full understanding of the individual engaging in therapy, and his/her overall experience. We are looking for: