Early Mentoring

Early Mentoring Program

Exemplary BCBA candidates that are 6 months out from accruing all supervision hours and are planning on taking their certification exam through the BACB are invited to join our Early Mentoring Program. This program affords the opportunity for young professionals, who are at the precipice of their academic career, to practice under the supervision of a BCBA supervisor and participate in activities that are typical of a BCBA. These activities include parent training, administering formal and informal assessments, conducting BT supervision sessions, interpreting assessment results, writing individualized treatment plans, writing client specific behavior support plans, prescribing hours of service, communicating with insurance companies regarding medical necessity, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. Additionally, exam preparation occurs through the implementation of individual and group study sessions in order to ensure success in passing the BACB certification exam.

Students continue to receive BACB supervision (both individual and group) during their time in Early Mentoring.  A shift in focus occurs at this stage of a students’ academic career.  Our Early Mentoring Program strives to hone clinical skills, independence, professionalism, and problem-solving. Come learn and grow with us!