Daycare & Preschool Autism Support

Many children in nurturing daycare and preschool programs can adapt and cooperate effectively with staff, teachers, and fellow students.  Occasionally, students require supportive and adaptive measures to be successful with the social and routine aspects of a structured program like a daycare or preschool.  Our goal is to partner with administrators, teachers, and support staff to develop strategies that lead children and their families to desirable outcomes. The team at Key Autism Services has the expertise to make preschool and daycare a positive experience.

  • Key has been providing ABA services for 10+ years.
  • Key is currently serving preschool families across 250+ cities and towns.
  • Key works directly with preschool teams to offer guidance and support for children with autism.
  • Our Preschool support program also teaches successful replacement strategies for children that may have any behavioral challenges that impact their independence with a school routine.
Key Autism Services applies a gentle and modern approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis, which can assist the child by:
  • Adapting to a school environment including incorporating new routines
  • Identifying and implementing alternate methods of communication
  • Guiding children to become more comfortable with socialization among peers and teachers

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