Supporting Families with their Child’s Recent Autism Diagnosis

Lunch & Learn Series: Supporting Families with their Child's Recent Autism Diagnosis

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DATE: August 3, 2022

TIME:  12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST



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Supporting Families with their Child’s Recent Autism Diagnosis

Families of children with a new or recent Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis often require a unique clinical skill set. This talk will cover several aspects of parent training, specifically as it relates to clients that fall in the early intervention age range (0-3).  The talk will include developing an age-appropriate parent training model, setting goals, generalization and maintenance, coordination of care, navigating challenges with the family, and strategies for compassionate care when working with families of newly diagnosed children.


Additional information:

Following this CE event, from 1-1:30, we will be having an informational session about joining our Early Intervention Team in Massachusetts. We will share all of the exciting and rewarding aspects of being a BCBA at Key Autism Services in our Early Intervention program. In addition, we will also share the benefits and perks of working at Key Autism Services. We will have opportunities to win raffle prizes, gift cards and more!

The following will be covered within this CE:

  1. Learn how to approach starting ABA services with a family who has a child who is newly diagnosed.
  2. Learn how to embed compassionate care and strength-based strategies into your clinical approach and treatment with families.
  3. Learn how to build an intensive parent training program for families of newly diagnosed children focusing on Functional Communication Training (FCT), Reinforcement, and Behavior Intervention Plans.
  4. Learn how to tailor parent training frequency and intensity to each family’s needs, level of receptiveness, and rate of skill acquisition.
  5. Learn the importance of sharing community resources with families of newly diagnosed children.
  6. Learn how to set up successful collaboration of care across all providers and caregivers for the client, in the home and outside of the home.
  7. Identify different curriculum options to support parent training needs.

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