Working at Key Autism Services has several growth opportunities for new and seasoned Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA and BCBA-D) and Behavior Technicians (RBTs and BTs). This blog covers some of the amazing clinical growth opportunities that every employee at Key Autism Services benefits from!

Behavior Analysts have a huge responsibility when it comes to training Behavior Technicians. It is important to note that along with the intense Behavior Skills Training (BST) that is provided by the BCBAs to the BTs on the job, emphasis is placed on monitoring and training that supports continued growth and improvement in the field. Treatment Integrity (TI) checks are conducted every month to maintain and increase conceptual knowledge and improve the practice of ABA skills while working on the reduction of technical errors. These Treatment Integrity checks are conducted while the Behavior Technician is directly interacting with a client. BCBAs observe the BT working on the job and use an in-house documentation system which includes the RBT task list items to record the BT’s performance. Feedback from the BCBA is provided to the BT and steps for improvement are planned out right away. The BT is allowed to demonstrate improved responses to feedback within the same session or the next one. Treatment Integrity checks provide an effective and efficient way to check for understanding and support growth for Behavior Technicians. Indirectly these checks build confidence and make both the Behavior Analyst and Behavior Technician focus on Task list skills in a comfortable mode.

A Journey to Become a BCBA

For RBTs or BTs who are on a path to becoming BCBAs themselves, Key Autism Services has an entire department dedicated to supporting these individuals aspiring to grow in the field. The BACB Supervision department supports, guides, and takes a future BCBA supervisee through the entire process from meeting the criteria requirements to enroll in the program, getting the needed supervision while training on the job, ensuring complete documentation requirements are followed, to taking the final BCBA exam. The guidance and mentoring do not stop here. Newly certified BCBAs are provided adequate mentoring and training by the Training Department to learn and sharpen skills needed to function as a successful BCBA at Key Autism Services.

Every week, group training for BCBAs is offered on different topics in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Workshops that offer Continued Education Units (CEUs) are also provided for BCBAs working at Key Autism Services and for external participants. These workshops provide valuable information and enhance the BCBA’s knowledge. In addition to workshops, Key Autism Services is unique in that it provides a peer-review learning platform that brings the great minds of all their amazing clinicians together to work on challenging client cases. Several tough client cases have had positive outcomes because of the collaborative effort of the peer review committee. In the peer review committee meetings, specific cases are identified by any BCBA at Key Autism Services and brought forth to the committee for support. Before the presentation, the BCBA or their team is required to gather all relevant documentation needed for review. Interventions that are research-based and peer reviewed at a global level are discussed and relevant interventions are suggested for customization for the discussed client. Follow-ups are then conducted to ensure the relevance and fidelity of the process.

All these endeavors are proving to be a much-appreciated, collaborative effort taken by Key Autism Services to build enrichment and to increase the clinical quality of their clinicians.

Key Autism Services Across The United States

Key Autism Services is prevalent in many states across America. The States include Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, and Virginia. There are several clinics currently supporting in-person services, and additionally, in each of these States, there is provision of in-home ABA therapy for families. Each clinic provides training for its staff as well as special activities for clients and their families. Some of the activities that are included are based on holidays and seasonal activities such as Trick or trick-or-treat events, Pictures with Santa, Winter holiday parties, Spring festivals, summer fun, and Water park parties, to enrich the lives of all their stakeholders. Some families are unaware of activities that support the inclusion of their children and may need guidance to learn about them. Key Autism Services provides valuable information on resources available in the States they are in, in addition to individual center activities.

For more personal celebrations, each center celebrates its staff in their unique ways. Certain enriching learning activities are provided by the Leadership team for all the staff to ensure that they continue to learn and have fun while they do so. This has become an effective way to motivate and encourage all the staff to participate, learn, and invariably become more effective and enthusiastic individuals in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Beneficial outcomes from all these clinical endeavors positively affect the clients and their families. Contact a Key Autism Service center to join the team and learn more!

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