4 Tips to a Happy Halloween

Halloween is a day that most kids wait all year for. It’s a time to dress up in a fun costume and then go out to people’s houses to get bags full of candy. What’s not to love about that? Fact is, children on the autism spectrum may not love it, and they may not understand it. Dressing up and upsetting normal routines can cause stress and anxiety for a child with autism. Participation in events like this is a goal, and there are some easy ways to making it a successful and stress free time. This article will give you 4 tips to a Happy Halloween.

4 Tips

  • Keep the costume to something simple. Not all costumes have to be made of uncomfortable material and have big cumbersome masks. Do something simple. An example of a simple costume would be Superman, but instead of a cape and tights, just use a T-Shirt with the Superman logo on it.
  • Trick or Treat if tolerated and for a short amount of time. If your child cannot tolerate trick or treating, do not force the issue. If they can, do it for a very short amount of time. Your child will have the experience, but not to a point that is disturbing to them.
  • Make necessary modifications. Put a bowl of candy outside your house for trick or treaters to take without them having to knock or ring the doorbell all night. The constant noise and hassle of answering the door with strangers outside might be too much for your child.
  • Go with the flow. You know your child best and understand what he or she enjoys and what may be too much. The last thing that anyone wants is for your child to have a negative experience on Halloween that lasts with them forever. Make decisions based on what’s best for your child.

Enjoy Together

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy Halloween together. Having a plan and following the 4 simple tips above can create an atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. Halloween in general has been toned down a bit in communities to make it more fun filled, and less scary for children.  Create a safe place for your child and make memories that can last forever.


Autism Friendly Places in Lake County, Indiana

Finding fun things to do each day with our kids is not always easy.  We want them to have a great time while learning.  In addition, we want our kids on the Autism spectrum to experience the enjoyable and educational things that our community has to offer. That being said, planning a great day for our kids with ASD can actually be easy and stress free.  It just takes learning about our neighborhoods. There are hidden gems out there and you need to know where to look. This article will provide a road map to Autism friendly places in Lake County Indiana.

5 Autism Friendly Fun Places In Lake County, Indiana:

  1. Located in Crown Point, Indiana, Deep River Waterpark is sure to be a good time for the entire family. The park has an assortment of slides and pools and puts a premium on safety.  The park also has “Splashtacular” Night Out events for kids with Autism and their families. This is a great place for summer fun, and your child will have a blast.
  2. Also in Crown Point, is the beautiful Lemon Lake County Park. The park features fishing, hiking, a dog park, playgrounds, and more. There is room to run and play. Lemon Lake is a family friendly place and your child will enjoy the beautiful nature and fun activities to participate in.
  3. For kids who love nature, check out Hammond Lake Front Park and Bird Sanctuary, in Hammond. Your child will love seeing all different types of birds, and the respite from the urban sprawl of Hammond. This is a great place to relax and see some beautiful animals in their natural environment. The trails are accessible for walking disabled.
  4. Kids on the Autism spectrum may have difficulty going to a movie due to sensory issues. Just across the border in Chicago is Studio Movie Grill. Special Needs Screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered and children are free to move around, talk, or even dance in the aisles during the movie. This is an experience kids with ASD may not get to enjoy otherwise.
  5. Located in Lake Station, Indiana is Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center. This fun and autism friendly play center is loaded with activities for kids of all learning and functioning levels. Watch the calendar for fun seasonal events.

Go ahead, Explore:

The places listed above are just a sample of what Lake County, Indiana has to enjoy for kids on the Autism Spectrum. They are fun, and sure to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. In addition, don’t hesitate to explore what other places have to offer for kids with Autism. Sometimes, just asking the management of a place about how they might be Autism friendly, can open the door to new offerings. Museums, parks, restaurants, and other public locations are eager to be inclusive and offer fun for everyone. Lake County, Indiana is no different, and as time goes by, more places are sure to be Autism friendly. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes open and share more lists as they become available.