University Partnerships

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Key Autism Services University Partnerships

Assumption University

Provided with Assumption University BACB Supervisor and KAS BACB Supervisor. Provided all monthly contacts through Assumption.

The Chicago School – Chicago Campus

Provided with Chicago School BACB Supervisor and KAS BACB Supervisor.  Provided all monthly contacts through Chicago School.

Simmons University

Provided with Simmons BACB Supervisor and KAS BACB Supervisor. Provided all monthly contacts through Simmons.

What We Offer

We offer structured and individualized training sessions through the use of a curriculum designed from data and feedback we have acquired from Mentees that have graduated our program over the last three years. This program is designed to train, coach, teach, and shape the professional and clinical skills of our Mentees who direct their school studies into practical application.
The Mentoring Program offers an intensive supervision model which allows for weekly meetings with an assigned Mentor. All Mentors are trained to proficiency on the program efficiencies and standards and have at least three years of clinical supervision experience. Continuous corrective feedback is provided in a deliberate and professional way. Each BCBA is assigned a Mentor who provides education, additional supervision, guidance, and learning opportunities to ensure clinical competence and confidence. Every week we offer a virtual Mentoring Group meeting where all Mentees and Mentors collaborate and discuss topics relevant to a first year BCBA. The topics covered in these group meetings include but are not limited to: case review, problem solving, professional organization, and review of current and past literature that can help improve upon clinical application of skills taught. It is an opportunity for Mentees to network with other first year BCBAs and nationally recognized BCBAs that have over 15 years of experience in the field, since KAS provides ABA services to several states within the contingent United States.
Our program will assist you with determining your own future success as a BCBA. With our mentoring, guidance, and hands on training, you will be able to create your own successful career path.
Come learn and grow with us!