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Benefits and Coverage Checks
We do a full insurance benefits and coverage check for each and every client to ensure that every family has proper coverage and is educated on the services available to their child and any related costs associated with these services.
Functional Assesments
A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will conduct a comprehensive  functional behavioral assessment (FBA). The assessment is the approach to identifying and understanding why a child behaves and reacts to certain things. It uses a variety proven and tested techniques to understand what’s behind the inappropriate behaviors. This includes looking at non-academic factors that might be contributing to a child’s frustration with learning or acquiring new skills. Once the assessment is completed, the BCBA creates a customized behavior intervention plan.
1:1 Behavior Intervention
The behavior intervention plan is created based on the assessment and ABA services are provided one on one with your child. Services are provided under the supervision of the BCBA by Behavior Therapists. The Behavior Therapist will implement Behavior Intervention Plan designed to help lessen negative behaviors and promote positive and pro-social behaviors.
Intensive Parent Training
Parents are always the first and most direct line of care to a child. As such, there is a strong parent training element to all of our behavior plans which include collecting parental input relating to therapy and helping parents be a part of the positive therapy process.
Social Groups
For children struggling with ASD, the challenges they face relate to peer to peer social interactions. For children who benefit from these events, we have a bi-weekly social skills group in the Metro area. This allows the children to interact in a safe controlled environment with clinical supervision and instruction.