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Key Autism Services offers both center and home-based ABA therapy where we perform consultations with our clients, and then find the best way to provide care for your child.

There are numerous advantages that we provide for your child. We understand that children with Autism have special needs, unique talents and we create specialized treatment plans based off those attributes.

Our ABA Therapy team is led by highly regarded BCBAs and utilize our clinic settings, your child’s school or your home to set up the best environment to increase learning and decrease negative behaviors.

ABA Therapy in Oak Lawn

Applied Behavior Analysis is described as a scientific approach because it includes a systematic process of setting goals that are collected for data so negative behaviors can be changed.  It can be used in therapy to address learning difficulties and most notably, autism.  Behavior analysts in Oak Lawn apply real-life situations to improve behavior and solve problems of social importance. They seek answers to question like “What is the environment the child is in that causes a negative response?” Behavior analysts are concerned with the role the environment in behavior change. Combining the application of learning principles with an experimental approach is what develops applied behavior analysis.

School Readiness Program

The Center based day and readiness program adequately prepares early learners who are gearing up to enter preschool, kindergarten, or attend a full day of elementary school. We understand the need to have a full-service day program in order to provide children on the Autism Spectrum the best resources possible. Our staff, BCBAs and program directors bring with years of experience of implementing the perfect tactics to help children reach their ultimate potential.

Services Offered

Key Autism Services focuses on providing quality, personal care to children with autism. Led by skilled therapists, our services are individually tailored to your child.

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United Behavioral Health



First Health Network


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