Covid 19 FAQs

We’re Taking The Necessary Precautions To Keep You Safe

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation unfolds, we understand this is a time of uncertainty. We hope you feel supported as we take every measure to protect the health of our patients and employees. Our team is committed to providing the necessary access to pediatric therapy in Chicago.

Key Autism Services  is continuing to monitor and follow local, state, and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We are happy to announce that with our newly instituted sanitation and health processes, we are now able to safely offer in-clinic therapy at a modified rate to meet the needs of our families. 

We are now taking the necessary in home and clinic precautions:

In Home

  • Socially distance
  • Remove shoes
  • Wash hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Exercise caution in travel/ social interactions outside of session


  • Staff Temperature taken at door
  • Staff Symptom questionnaire taken at the door
  • Client drop off outside
  • Symptoms and temperature taken of all kids
  • disposable mask provided and required/ change out between clients
  • Individual work space for each therapist and child
  • Sanitization of all materials and surfaces after block change
  • Nightly deep cleaning and sanitization of entire clinic
  • Virtual tours available for families to limit exposure in clinic to outside parties
  • Exercise caution in travel/ social interactions outside of session

How We Handle exposure and positive cases

Staff Exposure Without Symptoms
1.) If the staff has been exposed or has suspected potential exposure the staff should quarantine for the recommended time period (10 days).
2.) If the staff does not show symptoms for the duration of the quarantine period, the staff may return to work without further action.
3.) If the staff chooses to get a Covid-19 test they should remain in quarantine until the test results come back.
4.) if the test results are negative the staff may return to the home/ clinic setting without further action.
5.) If the staff does not develop any symptoms after receiving a positive Covid-19 test, the staff may return to work after 10 days of being symptom free.

Staff Exposure With Symptoms 
1.) If the staff has been exposed or has suspected potential exposure and is actively showing symptoms listed by the CDC pertaining to Covid-19. The staff must immediately quarantine and schedule a covid test.
2.) If the Covid-19 test returns negative the staff should follow the typical sick time policy regarding return to work.
3.) If the Covid-19 test returns positive the staff must remain in quarantine until symptom free for 3 days. The family that the staff works with and the staff member they work with directly will be notified of the positive test.
4.) BCBA’s with a positive case will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine contact and communication.

Travel to High Risk States
1.) For any staff traveling to a state that has a quarantine mandate, those regulations are required to be followed as indicated by the state.

Client is actively showing symptoms/ Positive test
1.) Any client that is working actively with a BT or BCBA that tests positive but has NO symptoms must quarantine for 14 days or demonstrate an updated negative test.
2.) Any client that is working actively with a BT or BCBA that tests positive and has symptoms must quarantine until symptom free for 3 days or an updated negative test result.

Family member in the home showing active symptoms/ Positive test
1.) Any family member living in the same home as the client being serviced that is showing active symptoms or a positive test will be asked to move to telehealth services or an alternative location (center, library, outside etc.)  until the family member is symptom free for 3 days or shows an updated negative test result.

Telehealth or outside services
PPE Requirements
A face covering is required for the duration of the session for the following scenarios;

  • The Client/ Family requests the staff wear one while in their home.
  • The BCBA or BT on the team requests one during and overlap session.
  • While working in the clinic.
  • If working with more than 1 client.
  • If having traveled via airplane in the last 10 days.


Are You Open?

Yes, as of May 1, 2020, our services and locations in Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina are now available and open to continue serving our current and new families in the clinical setting. In addition to center services, we are also continuing our at home and telehealth therapy. Our leadership team created a mandatory, comprehensive health training process for all clinicians returning to services in the home or center. This will ensure consistency in all actions put in place to protect families and staff.

What precautions are you taking to clean the center?

We have spent the last month working with health officials to devise a comprehensive cleaning policy to ensure full safety measures are in place prior to each therapy appointment. Below is a quick outline of just some of the procedures we have implemented:

  • The staff is required to complete a full disinfect routine in between all client appointments.
  • All equipment, bathrooms, therapy rooms, toys and waiting areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Staff is provided with daily gloves, masks and cleaning supplies which are switched after each therapy session.
  • Each night a professional cleaning service comes to the center to sanitize and clean.

Who is allowed to come to the clinic?

We are currently setting appointments up to keep a recommended minimum of clients/staff per hour in our center.

  • At this time, only direct care providers, the child and assigned staff are allowed to join therapy sessions.
  • If you or anyone in your household show signs of any illness, we ask that you refrain from coming to the center until you have been symptom free for 14 days.
  • Both staff and clients are required to go through a full screening upon arrival at the center each day.