CEU Event For BCBAs

Ethical Implications of Over or Under Prescribing

DATE: September 23, 2021



Prescribing Hours as a BCBA: Ethical Implications of Over or Under Prescribing

The Guidelines for Responsible Conduct states that “The behavior analyst promotes the general welfare of society through the application of the principles of behavior.” (9.0) and If behavior analysts believe there may be a legal or ethical violation, they first determine: whether there is potential for harm, a possible legal violation, a mandatory-reporting condition, or an agency, organization, or regulatory requirement addressing the violation. ​If a client’s legal rights are being violated, or if there is the potential for harm, behavior analysts must take the necessary action to protect the client (7.02).

This talk will cover several aspects of the assessment process, what key factors are required for a BCBA to consider when prescribing treatment hours, and how to effectively fade prescribed hours based on clinical needs and ethical requirements of the BACB.

The following will be covered within this CE:

1.    Learn about the importance of assessment practices. ​

2.    Identify the steps to assessment and how to effectively prescribe hours that are both ethically and clinically warranted.​

3.    Learn specific information related to ethical implications for under or over prescribing treatment hours.

4.    Learn specific factors that are used to determine appropriate prescription of hours following an assessment. ​

5.    Learn how to fade prescribed hours appropriately.​

6.    Identify the Behavior Analyst’s responsibility as an assessor.​

2.0 Type 2 Ethics CEUs

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