Avoiding Burnout as a BCBA

Avoiding Burnout as a BCBA

DATE: March 31, 2022



Avoiding Burnout as a BCBA

For many years, the conversation of burnout has been avoided. Providers have even gone as far as to wear their burnout as badges of honor; bragging over who worked the most hours, who had the highest caseloads, who slept the least, etc. However, times have changed and the phenomenon of burnout in the field of ABA is being recognized as a common cause of turnover, decreased performance, increased physical illness, and a variety of other mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. The discussion around burnout is beginning to be encouraged among providers in the field of ABA, and many researchers are now interested in what burnout truly is, what causes it, and what we can do personally and as a field to minimize its effects on our BCBAs. In this talk, we will take a deep dive into each of these areas, as well as give action-based strategies to balance work and wellness while continuing to provide high-quality services to the clients we serve.

The following will be covered within this CE:

1. Be able to operationally define burnout

2. Identify the top causes of burnout in behavior analysis

3. Review current research and statistics on burnout as a leading cause of turnover in direct service fields

4. Learn to identify personal triggers and warning signs for burnout

5. Identify what to do when burnout hits

6. Learn strategies for communicating burnout to supervisors effectively

7. Learn strategies for adhering to ethical guidelines around responsibility to clients during periods of burnout

8. Review how the field of behavior analysis is evolving to address burnout and promote health and wellness in BCBAs

2.0 Type 2 CEUs

-744Days -14Hours -55Minutes -22Seconds