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ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy is conducted by a Florida based Behavior therapist that works with the supervision of a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). Before therapy begins, your BCBA seeks the root of understanding the learning, emotional challenges or environmental triggers that underlie problematic behaviors. With the final observation from this assessment, a care plan is created.

Real Time Observations

Our Behavior analysts observe an individual in their everyday surroundings in Florida, revealing skills or behavior patterns. Data will be collected during observations.

  • Skills assessment: language, social, selfhelp, fine/gross motor, play skills
  • Behavior assessment: Precursors, specifics, outcomes
  • Environment: How does the environment affect behavior?             

With the following information that is collected from interviews and observations, your behavior analyst will devise a behavior plan that focuses on behaviors and skills. Each method instructed by the behavior analyst is based on the principles and procedures developed by applied behavior analysis research and application.

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